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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

This post is a day later as usual. I was supposed to be home after another amazing week at the Swanwick Writers' Summer School on Saturday. The one-night-stayover in London became a two-night-one when my flight home on Saturday was cancelled. But that's a different story.

What really counted was #swanwick69. One of the most brilliant and most beneficial Swanwick weeks I've ever experienced. And would you believe it, it was already my 11th.

As I've been toying with the idea of writing a radio drama for a long time, I chose Paul Dodgson's four-part-screenwriting course as my main event for the week. It was fantastic and I went away with lots of insight and inspiration. 

All the other courses I went to were just as brilliant. And the programme was varied, as you can see. Forensics and CSI, Characterisation, Heroes, Journalism (to the "Swanwick Standard") etc. etc. And best of all, as always, meeting friends old and new. Only 51 weeks to go until #swanwick70. 

Can't wait.


May The Force Be With You (Part 2)

I couldn’t let that comment pass unchallenged, could I? "I bet I'll get at least the same mark as you in the next test. If I don't, I'll buy you the chewing gum family pack you were drooling over at the supermarket last week. If I do, you buy me one."

Monica looked at me long and hard. Then she stuck out her right hand. "Deal."

We shook and spat into each other's palms. 

Now I was in a real fix, because maths and I go together like David Beckham and ballet shoes. But the Force is with me, right? All I needed was a bulletproof plan. Fast.  Because the next maths test was only three days away.

Of course, I wouldn't learn for the test. That much was certain. To stand a chance,


Möge Die Macht Mit Dir Sein (Teil 2)

Das konnte ich doch nicht auf mir sitzen lassen? "Ich wette, ich bekomme mindestens eine so gute Note wie du in der nächsten Prüfung. Falls nicht, kaufe ich dir das Familien Jumbo Pack Kaugummi, das du letzte Woche im Supermarkt unbedingt haben wolltest. Falls ich gewinne, kaufst du es."

Monika sah mich lange streng an. Dann streckte sie mir die Hand entgegen. "Deal."

Wir schüttelten uns die Hände und spuckten hinein.

Jetzt sass ich richtig in der Patsche. Mathe und ich passen zusammen wie David Beckham und Ballettschuhe. Doch die Macht ist mit mir, klar? Alles, was ich brauchte, war ein bombensicherer Plan. Schnell. Der nächste Mathe Test war schon in drei Tagen. 

Es war natürlich klar, dass ich nicht dafür lernen würde. Um eine Chance zu haben,


May The Force Be With You (Part 1)

They call me Luke Skywalker. My best friend Danny gave me this nickname. His dad had organised this really cool Star Wars Death Star computer game for his birthday. I made about a zillion points, and a voice announced, "The Force is strong in that one". 

From then on, I was Luke Skywalker. Luke Edwards in real life. Or sometimes Lucas Edwards! Like when Mum discovers I haven't taken the garbage out – again.

It's not easy to be the cool guy, to stand in the spotlight all the time. People watch what you do and say. And no matter how cool you are, some people still won't be impressed.

Take Monica, for example.