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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


May The Force Be With You (Part 4)

When we came to our classroom, Ms Sanders was waiting for us saying, "Today's test is one of the most important of this term. That's why you're going to leave your phones in your bags and deposit them by the door as you enter."
Monica was first in line. She prepared to take her pencil case out of her bag.
"No need for that either. You'll find pens on your desks," Ms Sanders said.
Monica shrugged and went towards her usual seat.
Ms Sanders wasn't finished yet. "Would you please roll up your sleeves as high as possible, Monica? Then take the first seat left in the front row. We're filling up the rows as you go in."

We were all baffled but obeyed. That meant two cribs in my bag landing on the heap with the others. When I rolled up my sleeves in front of Ms Sanders, I felt


Möge Die Macht Mit Dir sein (Teil 4)

Als wir zu unserem Klassenzimmer kamen, wartete Frau Zander bereits auf uns.
"Der heutige Test ist einer der wichtigsten des Semesters", sagte sie. "Deswegen werdet ihr alle eure Smartphones in der Schultasche lassen, und diese beim Reingehen hinter der Tür deponieren."
Monika stand zuvorderst in der Reihe. Sie wollte ihr Schreibzeug aus der Tasche holen.
"Nicht nötig. Stifte findet ihr auf euren Pulten", sagte Frau Zander.
Monika zuckte die Schultern und ging zu ihrem Pult.
Aber Frau Zander war noch nicht fertig: "Schiebe bitte deine Ärmel so weit wie möglich nach hinten, Monika. Dann nimm den ersten Platz links in der vordersten Reihe. Wir füllen dann die Plätze der Reihe nach."
Wir waren alle baff, aber gehorchten. Das bedeutete, zwei meiner Spicker landeten mit meiner Tasche auf dem Haufen hinter der Tür. 
Als ich meine Ärmel vor Frau Zander hochschob, fühlte ich,


May The Force Be With You (Part 3)

I was so excited that morning, I could hardly eat my breakfast. Mum shot me a look when I grabbed my schoolbag a good ten minutes early.

"I thought you had a maths test today?"
"Yep." I swung the bag over my shoulder.
"Have you prepared for it?"
I couldn't keep the smirk off my face. "You bet I have."
She shot me one of her what-are-you-up-to looks, then


What else has happened...

On 20 September, I was able to attend an absolutely fantastic book launch. da bux publishers presented their second edition in Solothurn.

da bux publish stories for upper grade students with reading difficulties. Not simplified reading fodder, but written with an eye on today's young people. The stories are in larger print. Short chapters, short paragraphs, short sentences, easy vocabulary. That is where the "simplicity" ends, though. Current topics, some of them thought-provoking but all of them super thrilling. For each 60-page-book worksheets are available.
l.t.r: Tom Zai, Franco Supino, Alice Gabathuler reading from their stories
With "Fitness Junkie", "Crash", "Du Freak" (You Freak) and "Der Fluch der Wanze" (Curse of the